A documentary styled project depicting the life of my Lela (grandmother) Carmen. At the age of 76, she is suffering from un-diagnosed signs of dementia.  Although her health has improved she has become bedridden for the past 3 years. A family member or a caregiver performs my Lela’s everyday tasks. She spends her day’s staring into nothingness, as old classical Spanish music plays in the background. She no longer enjoys watching television, listening to music or even watching her soap operas. She finds some pleasure in food but does not eat very much. She does not like to talk about subjects that are not important to her; she will almost always automatically change the subject. Her memory of the past is quite is clear but her reality has become distorted and fictional.  The project presents how life revolves around my grandmother. She lays in her bed and the same people come and go, our actions revolving around her. She is never alone but can constantly feel lonely. She can no longer remember the phone numbers of the people she enjoyed talking to. Even if she could reach them, the conversations would be short and confusing. The project presents her life through environmental portraits and her personal belongings. The project was shot both digitally and with 35mm film. The project is called Saturday because every Saturday my father takes care of my grandmother and at times my brother and I accompany him.