Part of Me


  Part of Me is a documentary project about changes in my life choices. When joining my gym in late October I weighed 268 lbs.; and it was the heaviest that I’ve ever been. I could have blamed the ongoing weight gain on stress and breakups, but it didn't matter anymore because I knew this needed to stop. I wanted to be stable in an emotional and physical way, I knew I wanted to become healthier. In November 2014 I began to take my health seriously. I got a trainer and began training two times a week. At my first scheduled Biotonix I weighed 265 lbs.; and I continued losing weight from  there. My journey is shown throw a mix of environmental portraits, self portraits and  still life's from every day objects. This change has been a struggle but I am stronger    than yesterday. The project is special to me because it is the first time that I’ve documented myself and it is the first time that my sister Rosalie has assisted me in    creating the project. I instructed my sister on positioning and angling the camera to capture the photographs, and others I took by myself. This project is about health, self love, exercising and body positivity.